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How Automated Text Marketing Benefits Your Business

Did you know that most Americans look at their phone every 12 minutes on average? That’s almost 80 times every day. And what about open rates for SMS messages? A rather outstanding 98%. In other words, people are always checking their cell phones, and these devices are always at hand. Additionally, open rates for SMS substantially surpass those for email, which only hover around 20%.

Here are specific reasons you should invest in automated text marketing:

Best Engagement Rate

Numbers have clearly shown that text message marketing has the best engagement rate when pitted against any other marketing medium. Emails can stay untouched for days, while text messages are opened almost immediately as they arrive, 90% of the time. On top of that, mobile phone ownership among adults is nearly 95% the world over. And having no requirement for an Internet connection, SMS is undisputably the globe’s most widely used method of communication these days.

Trackable System

Most companies providing text marketing include trackable platforms in their package. . Using an Internet-based service, downloading apps or software is not necessary. All you have to do is log in to their platform and work with their dashboard.

Interactive Features

A simple REPLY link or button on the landing page of your website allows you to get a quick response from your recipients. You can deliver quick messages that direct people back to your site in which interaction with your brand is possible.

Instantaneous Message Delivery

Another great benefit offered by text marketing is that you can gain relevant insights pretty fast. As soon as you hit send, your message received nearly instantly. Just put create a text message marketing campaign and get hundreds – if not thousands – of clicks in a matter of minutes.

Unique Touch

An added advantage of SMS marketing is the opportunity to add your brand’s unique touch to your SMS. Using the words like “your” and “you” is an effective way of capturing people interest.

Endless Opportunities

Clearly, the opportunities offered by SMS marketing are infinite. From instantaneous user feedback to getting clicks to converting customers – you’re only limited by your own creativity. To maximize your benefits from automated text marketing, however, partner only with a proven service provider.

Finding the Right SMS Marketing Partner

Make your coverage to be as encompassing as possible so you can achieve the best possible results, particularly through automation. The good thing is there are many providers of automated text marketing solutions, but you will do well to make comparisons before deciding on one.

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