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Top 5 Tips for Working at Home

Working at home is just one of the biggest advantages the Internet has brought us. But is it really as easy as it sounds?

While being a remote worker has many perks that office people don’t enjoy, it does require a lot of dedication and smart strategies. The following five are great to begin with:

Set a schedule and stick to it.

This is the first thing you have to master when working at home. You need to set clear rules as to when you should be at your desk working and when you can be somewhere else. Swing shifts are a no-no for everyone, which definitely includes remote professionals. That said, as someone who works from home, it may be necessary to start your day early or end it later than usual, whatever is right for the timezones involved.

Dedicate space for work.

In an ideal remote worker scenario, there won’t only be a dedicated space for work, but also two computers – one official, one personal. It works best for both you and your employer, privacy and security-wise. However, as you may know, this isn’t always possible. Instead, you can simply have a desk and some peripherals strictly for work. For example, anytime your laptop is connected to the monitor and external keyboard, you need to work. If it’s on your bed or your lap, then it’s private time.

Set ground rules for all household members.

This is especially important if you have children who are either home most of the time or come home from school during your work hours. In any case, you have to tell them what they may or may not do. You don’t want your eight-year-old accidentally deleting some files or your teenager closing an unsaved document you were working on while you took a break.

Schedule breaks.

Most full-time employees have one hour at lunch and two 15-minute breaks in a work day. You should too and don’t cut those breaks short, especially at lunch. You can use an app that will lock your computer until a certain time. Or any simple clock or timer will do. If you walked back to your desk 20 minutes before time, find something to do for 20 minutes and come right back.

Have a life outside your home.

You don’t have to eat out every single day, but you do have to go out every now and then. You need to work those muscles and breathe some fresh air and be exposed to some natural light. Go for a walk, pick up your mail at the post office, do some gardening – whatever you like doing. This is a must if you want to lead a well-balanced life.

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