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Why Invest in Imitation Diamond Rings

Diamonds are expensive, and rightly so. They are beautiful and cannot be destroyed. No other element on earth can claim the same attributes. But when it comes to engagement rings, there are several reasons why getting one may not be the best idea.

Those who receive diamonds appreciate how good they look and how they catch the light. They are in demand, which prices the prices even higher. There is a system crafted by the suppliers and the governments involved, which shall keep those prices high for the foreseeable future. You will, therefore, appreciate the alternatives available to acquiring that shine. Substances such as cubic zirconium make for great imitations of diamonds. They are not mined and their supply is not subject to those strict measures diamonds get. Trained jewelers are the ones who can tell these two elements apart.

You can, therefore, get such a ring as a way to keep off the creeps. Young women have to put up with the unsolicited advances of men all over the place, even though they do not want such attention. An engagement ring shall make them think twice, and keep off.

These rings also happen to be extremely beautiful. One of the distinguishing characteristics between it and the real thing is that it has no flaws. It also catches the light much more brightly. You can also get more colors out of them, unlike diamonds.
They also make for a good companion when doing a surprise proposal. There is already a lot of pressure when it comes time to propose. There is the danger of buying a ring which your partner will not like, and yet you will want to see them wearing it all the time. When you have this option, you can buy one for proposal, and, later on, go shopping for the one they would like.

There is also the possibility of you losing the engagement ring, which will not be such a huge loss. If you were to lose the real diamond one, you would feel that loss deeply. It is possible to lose almost anything, engagement rings no less.

You may also go for it based on the fact that diamonds, brilliant as they are, can be overpriced. You can look at diamonds as an investment, which works in several scenarios. But on an engagement ring, one you just bought becomes a second-hand item. Second hand engagement rings are not the hottest commodities in the market. If one of your motivations was to have an investment, you are better off using another vehicle. You should get the imitations instead for the proposal.
You can, therefore, see why you should pick these engagement rings. You shall appreciate how great they look, more so how much less they cost.

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