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Types of Swimming Pool and Patio Cleaning Products

Clean the pool to remove micro-organisms that irritate the skin and eyes. Read about the safety measures we should apply when using the pool and patio cleaning products that you prefer. Use environmental-friendly product when cleaning your pool and patio to protect the health of the people who will be using the pool. Many products in the market have different purposes for cleaning the pool. Buy affordable products to enable you to continue cleaning the pool and patio without financial constraints. You need to clean the pool and patio with the following products.

Chlorine is the most used chemical when cleaning swimming pools. It is used for sanitizing because it is effectively killing micro-organisms. Chlorine does not require complicated procedures and safety measures to use, and its inexpensiveness makes it suitable for many people to you. The product is used to increase the levels of chlorine until it is higher than the level of chloramines in the swimming pool. Chlorine has no side effects on the environment and is suitable for human beings.

Bromine can be used in place of chlorine when sanitizing the swimming pool. The products regulate the number of micro-organisms in the water. It is a biodegradable product that is harmless to your health.

You can get rid of algae in the water and on the patio of the swimming pool by using algaecides. Algae nourish in the water of a swimming pool that has an inadequate supply of air. Algae blocks the filters of the swimming pool. You will not need to shock your pool because algaecides make the pool crystal clear.

You can use clarifiers to remove the cloudiness from the water. The cloudiness of the water will hinder visibility and increase the chances of drowning when swimming. The large particles of the cloudy substance on the water are broken down into tiny particles that can be easily removed by the filtration system of the pool.

Chemical feeders are gadgets that are used to hold large amounts of chlorine or bromine the simple so that you do not have to clean the pool after every two weeks. The chemical feeders help you to use the right amount of bromine and chlorine. You can use an automatic pool chlorinator for your hot tub or swimming pool. You can use inline pool chlorinator instead of floating chlorinators.

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